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“This is the first everyday after having just completed 15 years of everydays. I was obviously still trying to process that milestone as well as what lied ahead. It was done at a point that was extremely hectic and stressful as I was going on the Tonight Show to do my everyday the next day. I wanted to make a work that showed a person (me) on a long complex path who had already gone some distance with aways to still go and a messy, colorful, psychadelic, imperfect path left in his wake.”
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“When we think about digital artists with longevity, the ones that will keep creating for decades to come, no one comes close to Beeple. His Everydays series has been going strong for nearly 17 years.

“The Next Fifteen Years” is the very last piece in Beeple’s 15 year streak, before his Jimmy Fallon show appearance resulted in the following Everyday being published 5 minutes late.

It’s symbolic of both the promise of digital art and the mountain of work ahead. It resonates with our belief that we’re still early in this long journey.”
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already been a sec, yet so far to go before we reach the bright white light...
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