Works by Beeple
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“I very much appreciate the thought that Curated has put into their collection of my works. It is certainly a daunting task given that there are thousands of extremely different everydays covering a wide range of styles and topics, but I think the way Curated has approached this really speaks to a longer term view of this movement.

They selected works that have a timeless appeal and I believe will continue to resonate with audiences over a long time frame as a broader audience comes to understand this moment and culture. It is really inspiring to have collectors that not only put a great deal of thought into how these works will be percieved in the future, but also take the time to help educate and contextualize these works through essays and research.”
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“Beeple needs no introduction in the digital art world. By nearly every measure, he’s been the breakout artist of the NFT era. His $69.3m sale of “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS” in 2021 is both the most well known and highest single NFT sale to date.

Our curation of his work is a mix of iconic editions (which originally sold for $1!) and unique 1/1s minted to Curated directly from the artist, each one resonating with our ideals and belief in the digital art movement.”