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“This artwork was my genesis work in the NFT space and was highly influenced by Trevor Jones’ bull series. These pieces were iconic works referencing Picasso and the bull run of summer 2020 whose sales were inflection points where people started seeing high price points, which drew more attention to the space, including myself.

This work was created days before the historic 2020 election and is a reflection of the insane division that still exists and I believe will always be relevant. It features the iconic Twitter bird referencing the role that social media was playing in the election and was only a couple months before Trump was kicked off of twitter for “talking shit”.

The falling money represents both the insane levels of unappreciated wealth in the United States as well as the surreal feeling I personally had that something big was happening in the digital art space – and indeed, months later some jackass sold an NFT for $69M ;)”
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ok first off it's a fucking dollar, if you need extra convincing from some BS artist's notes wether you want to spend a dollar on this i will punch you in the god damn face. smash the buy button ya jabroni.
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