GIGACHAD #20/100
“Hahah!! This work depicts the Technoking Elon as the ultimate chad. This work was done in early Spring 2021 when the crypto market was going absolutely nuts and Elon was tweeting about dogecoin and crashing rockets like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to make a work that reflected the absolute invinciblity and massive tolerance for risk that we all felt at that time.

This work later became part of the Spring 2021 Collection where it included a physical that I would eventually gift to Kimbal and Elon himself who I would meet later that year. I also gave a copy of the work to Joe Rogan, and in late 2023 Elon was on his show again and commented on the piece as the episode started. I love that there is a physical component to this work that allows that kind of passive ability to appreciate digital art.”
Token ID
Artist notes: nft for your vanity.
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