First Beeple 1/1 added to the Curated collection

“This piece is one I view as a glimpse of a very distant future where the culture and iconic collections from this time period have not only been fully integrated into society, but also then forgotten about and rediscovered again. I often like to imagine how people might view and celebrate this time period and all of these very early explorations into what this new medium could be very, very far into the future.”
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“Future Graffiti is iconic Beeple. As our first Beeple 1/1, it's fitting we were drawn to one that featured a Fidenza (wrapped around the Pikachu statue).

This piece is particularly special to Curated as it features CryptoPunk #4594, the police hat punk that can be spotted in the abdomen area.”
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pre-canon artifacts from a long forgotten era.
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