Velum #36
Harvey Rayner
Logoharvey rayner
“A turbulent and chaotic stripe fest. There is a lot of space between the elements in this output so the movement fills the entire canvas indicated by the high drift feature. In all outputs each curtain is split into three segments along its length, each being either dark, light, colored or striped. Every curtain in this output has the same treatment on each of its three segments, which is an unplanned anomaly.”
Coloration space
Deep Ocean
Monochrome Complexity
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Velum: Latin for curtain.Inspired by the question: What do you get if you blend the visual DNA of two mid 20th Century artistic movements into a 21st Century generative art algorithm?The original ideas evolved by Abstract expressionism and Pop art tell very different stories in the history of post war American art. My approach however is more about just stealing from the visual lexicon of mark-making that characterizes these artistic movements ignoring much of the contextual conversations around them . When I started out building my first primitive for Velum I was picturing in my mind something that looked more like a gestural paint-stroke typical of abstract expressionistic painting. Adding Pop art stylized outlines to the structures however separated them from the background and gave them a floating quality. Liking this effect I quickly forgot about my first idea of making paint strokes to explore the emerging curtain-like elements and found ways to make them dance.