Tequila Sunrise
Grant Yun

Debut piece to Grant's California series

Logogrant yun
“One of the earliest works from the series "California," this work holds a special place in my heart for several reasons. The series as a whole is a representation of my childhood growing up in northern California and many of the family trips we would go on throughout the bay area, central valley, and the coast.

"Tequila Sunrise" is a fictional depiction of what one may see while driving from the Bay Area down to Monterey, CA: the farmland right up against the shore and ocean is a scene I will always remember. The work in particular also depicts an orange sky with soft shades of colors from top to bottom, an experiment of a composition as I worked to find a unique color palette for the series as a whole.”
Curated logocurated
“This is the debut piece to Grant's California series. "Tequila Sunrise" shows off the color experimentation with a unique orange sky and blue horizon.

Whereas his Midwest series keeps to a cohesive set of colors, Grant's California series saw a lot more experimentation in color palette, from the primary colors in "Salt Ponds" to the bright orange and greens of "Citrus".”
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"Tequila Sunrise" is the debut piece to the "California" series. This collection of illustrations is a reimagining of life in California. The fields of overgrown golden grass, the rolling hills, the beaches, the mountains, just about every part of this state has something unique to showcase. Inspired by the vivid imagery of authors including my personal favorite, John Steinbeck, I have created this collection of art to pay homage to the beauty this state has to offer. A romanticism of California. A charming and simple interpretation of the place that helped raise me.
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