Incomplete Control #55
Tyler Hobbs
Logotyler hobbs
“IC #55 demonstrates a couple of the features from the algorithm well. One idea I was interested in was the "painting over" of lower layers, to partially erase or obscure them. This is something you see often in urban environments, where grafitti is painted over with a neutral color over and over, creating a patchwork that is interesting for its own abstract reasons. Additionally, there were several bugs in the IC code that I decided to leave in the final algorithm. One of those is responsible for the black triangle in the upper-right corner. Mistakes are often a valuable component of visual artwork. The computer and code tend to make very idiosyncratic mistakes, and so leaving these mistakes in keeps the work well connected to the medium.”
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Incomplete Control is about letting go, allowing room for error and imperfection. It is a meditation on the relation between analogue and computational aesthetics. The output space is a continuous spectrum. Each iteration has its own character to discover and enjoy, if you are willing to give it the time.