Incomplete Control #5
Tyler Hobbs
Logotyler hobbs
“For me, rhythm is an important component of visual artwork. Rhythm is primarily created through the repetition of elements, either partial or complete. Incomplete Control played with several forms of rhythm, and IC #5 shows some of them well. Along the center right, a series of vertical strokes in white is echoed by a scratchier set of lines directly above. Following to the left-center of the image, as well as the top-right of the image, we find more subtle versions of the same pattern. For me, these relations within the work help to keep it unified, and encourage one part of the image to speak to another.”
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Incomplete Control is about letting go, allowing room for error and imperfection. It is a meditation on the relation between analogue and computational aesthetics. The output space is a continuous spectrum. Each iteration has its own character to discover and enjoy, if you are willing to give it the time.