In Town
Grant Yun

First mint on Grant's Manifold contract

Logogrant yun
“As part of the series "Midwest," this piece along with others from the collection marked a transition in my style as an artist. The series as a whole marks a moment in my artistic journey where inspiration, technique, and vision came together to reflect my story as an artist and individual. At the time many of these inspirations came from artists of the early 20ths century including many of the realists and regionalists.

Here I explore the balance between realism and minimalism; I try and make an identity as a digital native utilizing vectorized mediums while trying to pay homage to artists I have learned about from prior generations.”
Curated logocurated
“This is a quintessential piece from Grant's Midwest series. "In Town" features his highly recognizable color palette with a single red kite in the background. It also includes Grant’s signature which only appears in some of his older illustrations.

We love the provenance of this piece. It's the first token minted on Grant’s own Manifold smart contract.”
Token ID
Part of the "Midwest" collection. A romanticism of life in the Midwest of the United States. With heavy influence from 20th century artists, this series is a digital exploration of the 1930s art movement of American Regionalism.
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