Fontana #31
Harvey Rayner
Logoharvey rayner
“A harmonious collection of similar sized elements as if we are zoomed in close to the horizon of the two spray bodies in this adjacent composition. The small sky blue accent at the bottom is just enough to activate the rest of the color on the canvas. It’s like a dash of salt in a dessert. Cover it up with your finger and you will see the rest of the colors are enlivened by it.”
Flow potential
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Fontana is Latin for fountain. This project is a playful attempt at abstractly capturing the flowing movement of a fountain using precisely drawn elements that evoke a static and considered rendering of a subject that is in constant flux. The visual language is reminiscent of hand-draughted technical drawing, a precise and methodical practice that progresses at a radically different pace to the flowing and capricious movement of water. To increase this tension between dynamic motion and static mechanical process I wanted the surface textures to appear worn and aged like a drawing that has spent its life in the bottom of a mechanics drawer. This process of abrasion and discoloration is occurring on yet another scale of time adding complexity to the references of time passing. Woven into the very fabric of Fontana is a fully generative solution for creating color expression. This means there is no reliance on preset palettes with every output being an entirely unique color articulation of the color story I want the project to reveal as a whole. Far from being random I attempted to create an approach which produces colors that evoke early 20th Century art and design media. With this intention I wanted outputs to look like they could be working drawing artifacts from this period of time.