Vol. 2, Series 0: Caves - Token 1
“In dungeon crawling lingo, token #1 represents a "good run", exploring a broad and representative sampling of the procedurally generated geometries and path finding in this tribute to Herbert W. Franke. Caves #1 is also the first token on the Volume 2 contract.”
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“One of our absolute favorite pieces of art, it captures an element of generative art present from our childhoods in roguelike games. Caves is a tribute to the late great Herbert Franke, and this particular piece is token #1 on Deafbeef's second contract.”
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DEAFBEEF2: Generative On-Chain Multimedia Art DEAFBEEF Vol. 2 Series 0 - Caves - Token 1In this generative audiovisual work in the style of ASCII roguelike games, a lone adventurer descends to explore fractal caves of increasing complexity. Sound and animation procedurally generated by self contained C code. Released on the occasion of the Tribute to Herbert W. Franke, commemorating his love of exploration in diverse fields including speleology(cave exploration), mathematics, computer art and science fiction.
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