Series 3: Entropy - Token 145
“After each NFT transfer of an Entropy token, the generative audiovisual degrades, similar to the way analog media degrades when repeatedly copied. While many prize those closest to "mint" condition, I personally prefer the way Entropy looks and sounds after several transfers, as is the case with #145.”
Curated logocurated
“Entropy is a fascinating concept that can only be captured and collected through a digital token. The media "degrades" with every transfer, so it's the only piece in the Curated collection with its own multi-sig vault.”
Token ID
DEAFBEEF: Generative On-Chain Multimedia Art The code and parameters to generate and reconstruct these multimedia files is stored on the Ethereum blockchain.Series 3 - Entropy - Token 145Exploring themes of permanency, ownership through on-chain programmable media. A programmed process of degradation is repeatedly applied each time the token is transferred. Traded too many times, the output media will be indistinguishable from noise. The process is artificial, in that no information is actually lost. The code model itself is stored publically and immutably on a decentralized network, and the output media can be reconstructed in any state by changing the input parameter. While it is the artist's instructions that the counter variable serve as input, an owner may choose differently.
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