Series 2: Transmission - Token 139

First Deafbeef piece acquired by Curated

“For me, the sights and sounds of Transmission serve as a document, and will always evoke potent memories of the feeling of existing amidst the chaotic events of 2020/21.”
Curated logocurated
“Our first Deafbeef acquisition, nicknamed the "glory HODL" by the community. At the start of our Curated journey, we didn't think it would be feasible to be a full set collector. Transmission #139 is significant both as one of the few Series 2 with a clear message in the preview screen and as one of the pieces selected for the Deafbeef Vinyl.”
Token ID
DEAFBEEF: Generative On-Chain Multimedia Art The code and parameters to generate and reconstruct these multimedia files is stored on the Ethereum blockchain.Series 2 - Transmission - Token 139Generative on-chain audiovisual packed with subliminal messages documenting some of the "spirit of this age".The code that generates the media is stored completely on-chain.
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