Where My Vans Go
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“The Curated collection of Where My Vans Go pieces displays an outstanding sense of attention to detail and sensitivity to what makes each piece a top selection in light of the body of work as a whole.

Curated carefully selected a black and white, Times Square, bridge and spire shot amongst two separate pieces. This displays an intimate and wide array of taste, but also an understanding of how each of these provide their own unique vantage points in the collection while also holding massive aesthetic appeal through color and composition. With the pieces #20 and #26, Curated touches on their historical significance, selecting the last two pieces photographed before my untimely incarceration and the birth of the artist the world came to know him as Drift. Finally, the pieces cover a wide array of different cities across the United States with five of six pieces in the Curated collection coming from different cities.”
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“Where My Vans Go holds a special place within the Curated collection. Drift's captivating story and his larger-than-life personality makes collecting and following along his journey quite special. The smart contract for the WMVG collection is also written by Curated co-founder Andrew Jiang.

Our curation centers around vibrant and colorful pieces. We love visually standout works, such as the green and purple of "Starspire" and the lights of Time Square in WMVG #93. Curated also holds one of the two Black and White shots in the entire collection.”
Where My Vans Go is a collection comprised of 125 iconic images created over the span of three years exploring all over the United States. From coast to coast, between borders and beyond, this series represents the journey that has forged the person and artist that I am today. By following my vans on this vast journey through time, I hope you will feel every step and heartbeat, I hope you will rise above fears with me. If this journey has taught me anything it is that everything is about our struggle and process, if you never climb, you never see the view. This is the climb. In snow and fog, sunshine and rain, from the tops of skyscrapers and bridges and through incarceration, here I learned to do whatever it takes. These are the shoes that made me. Welcome.