Matt DesLauriers
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“It's an honour to have a number of works in Curated's collection. Their selection reveals a strong eye for taste and a great deal of care. The choices are bold and high contrast, such as the crimson red Prime #127 juxtaposed with a stark blue procedural #528.“
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“Meridian by Matt DesLauriers is a collection that, for us, took time to fully appreciate. It’s a collection with incredible depth and technical mastery, but what really captivated us was how good Meridians look in print. Seeing the Meridian book as well as a few large Meridian prints in person simply blew us away.

Our Meridian curation heavily skews towards aesthetic color palettes, whether they’re monochrome or complex. We especially like Prismatics with depth and distinct colors, but also appreciate a number of unique edges to the algorithm, including Topographic, Prime, and Gilded Meridians.“
Stratified landforms constructed from many small strokes of colour. The hash of each token describes a coordinate within a multidimensional generative space, locating a unique composition that lies along one of many possible longitudes.