Light Years
Dmitri Cherniak
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“Light Years is a 100 piece collection by Dmitri Cherniak, based on the work of Moholy-Nagy with the support of his estate. It has entered the collections of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, ZKM Karlsruhe Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Buffalo AKG Art Museum.

We curated our collection during the minting process. We selected a three piece triptych that showcases the spectrum from light to dark. We selected pieces that favor great composition and have clear elements of Moholy-Nagy's influence.”
Light Years is a project from generative artist Dmitri Cherniak in partnership with The Estate of László Moholy-Nagy. It is an homage to the photogram as a medium, but with a digitally native twist. Each of the 100 unique editions was created by a code-based generative system, then hand-prepared and printed to a film negative. A high definition scan of the negative was used to develop the image as a silver gelatin print which can be claimed by the first collector of the artwork.