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“Curated's CrypToadz collection contains a good cross-section of elements that highlight the inspiration behind their creation. You can feel the CryptoPunk DNA mixed with nostalgic references and my own personal taste coming through. You can digest them easily by seeing pairs of bodies with different traits to get a sense of how each toad is unique, which is hard to see in collections with too much variety or an over-representation of traits.”
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“CrypToadz are a generative collectibles project by the pixel artist Gremplin. The notable collectibles project is CC0 and captured the attention of the community by focusing on vibes in an era where PFP projects all promised extensive roadmaps. Gremplin is also the artist behind Nouns, another major collectibles project.

Our curation of CrypToadz is focused on clean aesthetics, great color contrasts, and desirable traits, including hoodies, Fidenza bodies, and Nouns glasses.”