Kjetil Golid
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“Not only does Curated have the largest Archetype collection, but they've managed to collect the largest and most representative range of important features; both the technical ones stated in the code, and the "cultural" ones discovered and decided upon by the community. This is no easy feat, and is a testament to Curated's true dedication as a collector of generative art.”
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“Archetype by Kjetil Golid was one of the first generative art collections we discovered. Its unique composition of partitioned rectangles and wide range of color palettes pulled us in. Today, we’re the largest collector of Archetypes with 30 of the 600 total outputs in our collection.

Our Archetype curation focuses on diverse color palettes and layout, especially the “Order” type where a single pattern repeats itself. We believe we’ve collected every major edge of the algorithm including a “Cube”, which is one of the most notable pieces of on-chain generative art.”
Archetype explores the use of repetition as a counterweight to unruly, random structures. As each single component look chaotic alone, the repetition brings along a sense of intentionality, ultimately resulting in a complex, yet satisfying expression.